Cake Loving Israeli Parole Board

Some smart scientist type dudes

Decided to see if making decisions affected one’s ability to make decisions

So they used judges for the Israeli Parole Board, as you do

Sure enough a pattern emerged

The prisoners looking for parole early in the day got it far more often

Than the ones being heard later in the day

The reason?

Decision fatigue

As the day wore on the judges found it harder to make decisions

So they reverted to default

Parole not granted is the easier option

And apparently we all do this

9am “Want some cake?”“no thanks”

a million decisions later at 3pm?

“Want some?”“Gimme the cake!!”

It’s to do with willpower and how,



Like a petrol tank, it can run out

The more decisions you make the faster it empties

And whether you realise or not

You make a crap ton of decisions every day

From deciding what to wear

To biting your tongue when someone pisses you off

And even what colour lipstick to put on

My personal favourite is MAC Deep Blackened Plum

(don’t judge me)

But every time you make a decision

you drain your ability to make others

Especially later in the day

So you resort to your default, the easiest choice

Hence why it’s so damn hard to resist all the snacking in the evening

So if it’s not your willpower that’s the problem

What is?

Click here

to discover how to get crystal clear on what to do

Instead of trying to beat willpower with 



Cuz that ain’t never gonna work

John ‘lippy’ O’C

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