Is The Health & Fitness Industry is Failing You?

Does any of the following sound like you?

  • You joined a gym with the greatest of intention to make a positive change and then end up wasting your membership by not going
  • Bought home exercise equipment or a celebrity workout DVD that promised life-changing results but never actually used them
  • Maybe you exercise regularly but it doesn’t seem to work as well as it used to
  • You feel that no matter what you do it doesn’t work and that you always seem to end up right back in the same place where you started from.
  • If you are just like the women & men who come to us for help then you’ve probably tried every diet that’s out there but nothing seems to work long term.
  • Have you spent a small fortune, upfront on a personal trainer and just stopped turning up?

That last one was shocking to me.

Because I was that personal trainer. And it made me wake up and realise…

Women & Men over 45 need something more

  • More than a basic exercise plan
  • More than a diet
  • More than a gym
  • More than the conflicting advice plastered all over the internet

I’m John O’Connell, and I set up SF Fitness after working in numerous gyms and witnessing the complete lack of expert guidance and help provided for women like you

Gyms full of Instagram personal trainers expecting people over 45 to do the same type of exercise as those in their 20s. It’s crazy.

And there’s a HUGE problem with this 

When you’re young you feel bulletproof. Your hormone levels are great, your body works fine, there’s no wear and tear. Your joints feel loose, your metabolism is a lot faster and so what works for people in their 20s and even 30s simply cannot work for you.

And what might have worked for you in the past won’t cut it for you anymore.

Here at SF Fitness, we do things differently

  • A Customised Exercise Plan designed by experts, based off an in-depth consultation and postural/movement assessment, to ensure you do the right exercises to achieve the goals you have
  • Supervised by an Expert Coach at every single session. Knowing you’re in safe hands, doing everything the best way. And progressing at the right level for you to ensure you achieve your fitness and body shape goals
  • To workout in a welcoming environment with other members at every session. You’ll be inspired by them, encouraged by them and you’ll have a laugh with them too. Plus you’ll see first hand the incredible results they get. You can ask them how they did it and know in full confidence you can get the same results too
  • Flexibility to come in when you want. We’re open most days from 6am to 9pm. So you’ll always be able to fit in your training sessions and stay consistent
  • Accountability. Every member pre-books their sessions. So, you’ll have your appointments made before each week and know they’ll perfectly suit your schedule.
  • To be part of something more than a gym. SF Fitness is like a family. There’s no egos, no posers, no show-offs. Just people who want the best results and are willing to support and help each other along the way


Before I joined I felt unfit, sluggish and out of shape. I had spent years trying different gyms, classes and new fads but never stuck to them for long. I felt too old for some of the classes too.

I was worried I wasn’t fit enough to start or co-ordinated enough and because of my age I lacked confidence.

My experience when I joined was totally different to what I expected. The staff are there every step of the way to help, other members are helpful and encouraged me. Everyone has their own programme so there’s no competitive atmosphere.

My co-ordination has improved, there’s a very obvious change to my shape. Strength has improved as has my confidence. I’m sleeping great too. Overall it is really enjoyable and it’s the longest time I’ve ever spent in a gym. Even with a dog related shoulder injury I was able to keep going as they helped me work around it. I love my personal programme especially how it changes often to stop me getting bored.

Deirdre O’Donoghue

Before joining I didn’t feel good about myself. I was struggling to be fit and lose weight. I was concerned I’d be shouted at feeling stupid and self-conscious. I didn’t want to make a fool of myself.

My experience has been nothing short of amazing. Kind members, friendly, emphasis on doing the best I can. Nothing demeaning, no ridicule always encouraging.

I’ve noticed great improvements in my movement and mobility,. I’m healthier and have a much better relationship with food and exercise. I’ve lost weight, my body shape has changed and my overall fitness is so much better. I’ve been with SF Fitness for 5 years and I’m still here!

Monica Holmes

I needed to lose some weight and wanted to tone up. My knees, hips and back were starting to give me problems. I was worried I wouldn’t be able for the programme especially lifting weights.

When I joined I was looked after and taken through every exercise and there was always someone with me to help me.

Now my posture has improved, legs and back are more toned, clothes fit better. No hip, back or knee pain and I’ve loads of energy. Sleeping much better too. I absolutely love SF Fitness. It’s my time for me, it’s a lovely gym to come to and everyone is so friendly and helpful.

Mary McDonald

I knew I needed to do something but I was very apprehensive as I thought this would be just another gym that I would sign up to and not use. I was worried I would commit to something and I would be finding every excuse I could not to attend.

But my experience has been great. You get plenty of individual attention and motivation from all the trainers. As someone partially allergic to exercise I find myself enjoying it and feel very motivated to continue.

I see definite improvement In energy levels. Clothes feel better. And I now feel that I will get to wear all the fab clothes I have hanging in my wardrobe again.

The methods SF Fitness use just work. From booking in, reminders and constant monitoring, adjustments and general friendliness of all the staff and members

Elaine O’Hanlon

Before I found SF Fitness I felt pretty low in confidence and had low self-esteem. I was concerned about not fitting in and not being able to keep up or feeling unwelcomed.

But from the first moment I was made feel so welcomed and accepted. From the staff to the guys that use the gym, they were so nice and inviting from the very start, I left with an amazing feeling and this started me on this journey that’s still going.

My energy levels have improved. Body shape has changed and it’s given me so much more confidence and a really good feeling about myself.

SF Fitness are amazing. Helpful, and always make it about you. You leave every time feeling positive, uplifted and really good about yourself. I’m so glad I found these guys when I did because they really have changed my life.

Tricia O’Byrne

In the past I never had any weight issues but I could feel myself getting softer and wider and was losing confidence in my body.

Having ha d a hip replacement I( was concerned that I wouldn’t be looked after and might be pushed beyond my body’s capabilities.

But joining has being one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. I know I am in very safe hands and my programme was designed specifically for my needs and ability

My body shape has changed, I’m much more toned and my body is physically stronger. I have lost weight and have much better movement. Even with an underactive thyroid I find I have loads more energy. I have so much fun at SF Fitness and would count the people in the gym as my friends

Brona Wright

I was in a rut, very little exercise except the odd walk…occasionally. I felt sluggish with low energy levels and was starting to feel the effects of middle age spread. I guess I had low self -esteem and was nervous about taking on a new health and fitness initiative.

My main fear, after having multiple surgeries due to cancer, was not being able to handle the exercises. I had never used weights or being near a gym before. I was afraid of joining a gym with beautiful bodies preening in front of a mirror that would have been a complete turn off.

But when I arrived it was completely different to my preconceived ideas. A warm friendly introduction from the get go. A considered first meeting with walk through to establish MY requirements. I loved having (and continue to have) a bespoke programme for me. I know I would like SF from day 1. The trainers are very motivational and encouraging and every session is fun and enjoyable.

My weak spot was my upper body, especially my right side from surgery. SF worked with me to gradually strengthen this and also concentrated on my overall body fitness. I have developed my weakest areas well and enjoy the comments I receive when my shoulders and upper arm shape are admired.

SF Fitness is the most down to earth friendly and most of all with experienced, knowledgeable and proactive trainers. I love the ethos in SF and although there are times when I don’t always feel like working out I’m always glad I did as I feel great afterwards. I read somewhere that if you live more than 8 mins from an exercise facility you’ll only stick with it for a short time. But I live a lot further away than 8 mins and I’m still loving it 2 years on. I am so glad I joined the SF family and was embraced by them and all the new friends I’ve made here.

Arrange a friendly chat with one of our coaches today and find out a bit more about how one of our specialist over 45s health and fitness programs can benefit you.