The Only Personal Training and Fitness Program in Rathfarnham for People Over 45 to Get Fit, Toned and Feel 10 Years Younger

We’ve already helped 100’s of frustrated women & men in Rathfarnham and Dublin 14 finally put themselves first, look and feel 10 years younger, get fit, toned, and stronger so that they have more all-day energy.

You can arrange a friendly chat with one of our coaches today and find out a bit more about how one of our specialist over 45s health and fitness programs can benefit you.

Putting You First

Here at SF Fitness we want to look after you for a change. Many of our current members approach us feeling tired, run down and low in confidence. They spend their days looking after everyone around them. Often putting themselves last. We are on a mission to change that and help you to put you first for a change.

Not just you but also your health and fitness.

At SF you get access to an entire team of experienced experts to look after all your health & fitness needs 

Exercise Safely

The first thing we do here at SF Fitness is give you a movement and posture assessment. This means we can prescribe you the exercises perfectly suited to safely getting you the results you want and helping you avoid injury and pain.

Every time you come in to our facility you’ll looked after by our expert team of personal trainers who will take you by the hand and walk you through your fitness program in a step by step manner. You know exactly what to do every single time.

Your “Not A Gym” Gym

Because we specialise in fitness for over 45s there are no lycra-clad gym bunnies, intimidating men lifting heavy weights or selfie taking pouting posers to make you feel uncomfortable, self-conscious and like you shouldn’t be there.

There are zero egos and no judging. In fact, our members call SF the “not a gym” gym. 

Your Personalised Health and Fitness Plan

To get started on your health and fitness journey all you need to do is book a call and speak with one of our friendly coaches from our “Looking After You” team and find out SF is right for you.

If you think it is, we’ll invite you in for a complimentary session and experience our simple to do, non- taxing movement assessment so you can discover the perfect exercises and plan for you.

From there you can choose to try us out with our introductory 14 day plan or discuss your longer term health and fitness goals and find out how we can help get you there.

You will get looked after and taken care of during every session. No more guessing what t to do or how to do it. Your only job is to walk in the door, our job is to take care of everything else and get you looking and felling your best in no time at all.


Before I joined I felt unfit, sluggish and out of shape. I had spent years trying different gyms, classes and new fads but never stuck to them for long. I felt too old for some of the classes too.

I was worried I wasn’t fit enough to start or co-ordinated enough and because of my age I lacked confidence.

My experience when I joined was totally different to what I expected. The staff are there every step of the way to help, other members are helpful and encouraged me. Everyone has their own programme so there’s no competitive atmosphere.

My co-ordination has improved, there’s a very obvious change to my shape. Strength has improved as has my confidence. I’m sleeping great too. Overall it is really enjoyable and it’s the longest time I’ve ever spent in a gym. Even with a dog related shoulder injury I was able to keep going as they helped me work around it. I love my personal programme especially how it changes often to stop me getting bored.

Deirdre O’Donoghue

Before joining I didn’t feel good about myself. I was struggling to be fit and lose weight. I was concerned I’d be shouted at feeling stupid and self-conscious. I didn’t want to make a fool of myself.

My experience has been nothing short of amazing. Kind members, friendly, emphasis on doing the best I can. Nothing demeaning, no ridicule always encouraging.

I’ve noticed great improvements in my movement and mobility,. I’m healthier and have a much better relationship with food and exercise. I’ve lost weight, my body shape has changed and my overall fitness is so much better. I’ve been with SF Fitness for 5 years and I’m still here!

SF Fitness in Rathfarnham is dedicated to looking after you just like we would our own parents.

There is a serious lack of specialised exercise solutions for people over 45 in most gyms in Ireland and we believe that you shouldn’t be expected to do the same exercises as someone in their 20s or 30s. You’re different and your body is different, but that doesn’t mean you can’t turn back the clock and feel better than you have in years.

Our expert coaches will design a fully individualised and personal exercise plan perfectly suited to you and your current fitness level. We’ll also take into account any aches and pains or injuries you may have and we’ll never ask you to do anything that you don’t want to do.

Our team of expert personal trainers will then safely guide you through every single workout, so you never have to guess what to do in the gym ever again.

We’ll regularly monitor your progress using our non-invasive InBody Analyser which helps us leave no stone unturned in creating the perfect plan for you.

We’ll help you create a personalised and easy to stick to nutrition plan that fits in and supports your day to day life.

Plus, we’ll even follow up with you outside of your exercise times to make you get the best results possible. Like we’ve already said our mission is to put you first for a change.

What Else Do You Get at SF Fitness?

  • Comprehensive Movement and Posture Assessment to show you the exercises that are beneficial to you and focus on movements that are ideal for you and your body.
  • Exercises to help you tone up, loosen out your stiff joints and ease any pains you have so you can feel fit, strong and confident again.
  • Focusing on your individual lifestyle choices and make simple and easy to implement changes so you’ll never have to try another fad diet again.
  • Our expert personal trainers and coaches will motivate you at every workout, so you can feel great and confident about exercising every time.
  • All your appointments booked to build a consistent and effect exercise routine
  • Your own fully personalised and individual exercise nutrition and lifestyle pan to suit you designed to target your individual goals and stubborn areas.
  • Regular measurements when you want to keep on track and make sure your plan is targeting the stubborn fat store you want to lose.

Arrange a friendly chat with one of our coaches today and find out a bit more about what we do and how one of our specialist health and fitness programs can benefit you.