• I’m not very fit, will I be able to do it?

Yes, you’ll be started at your current level. Our assessment process will determine the best exercises for you and can also rule out certain exercises that may not be suitable for you.

  • Will I be the oldest there?

Maybe, maybe not. Our eldest member (so far) is 72 but as we design bespoke programmes they are well able to do their exercise plan.

  • I’ve an injury so I’m really nervous about exercising and lifting weights.

Our head coach and owner, John O’Connell is qualified many different therapy methods and used to work for the Leinster rugby team in the injury/rehab department. Our approach is to ensure we do no harm. We aim to identify the cause of any injury and strengthen the right areas to build confidence in your body’s movement.

  • Will I be sore after my workouts?

Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to be sore for a workout to be effective. So we will ease you in to ensure no major soreness. We understand our members have their daily lives to live and not being able to move after a workout is not something we encourage.

  • Is everyone there all wearing Lycra and wearing make up?

No SF Fitness tends not to attract those kind of people. Our members are here to improve their health and confidence not pose for selfies in the mirror.

  • What’s the difference between personal training and SF Fitness?

At SF Fitness you’re hiring a team of experts to help you rather than 1 person. You get far more flexibility in terms of days and times you can attend. You’ll get a dedicated coach to assist you outside of your exercise sessions and you don’t have to rely on just one person to train you. You’ll also get to meet and workout alongside other members who will support you as well.

  • I’m really busy and I’m not sure if I can fit sessions in

We are open from 6am to 9pm weekdays and a half day on Sat so our members find there are plenty of options to get their sessions in. Also, because we pre book your sessions for you, you’ll find you can build a consistent routine around your daily life.

  • I work shift work, will it be suitable for me?

Yes, plenty of our members work shifts and find it no problem to get regular exercise in. Because this is an individual approach you don’t have to start at the same time as others. You book your sessions to suit your schedule.

  • How will I know what to do in the gym?

You’re always with our expert personal trainers and following your very own exercise plan designed by our team. At every session you will be shown exactly what to do and how to do it.

  • Is this a women only gym?

While we specialise in fitness for women over 45 we also cater for men as well. However you won’t find bicep flexing, string vest wearing bodybuilders here. We also train many of our members’ children. And we are very family orientated.

  • What’s the difference between SF and a normal class at a typical gym?

At SF Fitness you’re getting your very own individualised plan based on a number of factors including your own specific goals, your current fitness level, your joint movement and flexibility, previous exercise history, previous/current injury status and any medical conditions you may have. You won’t be doing what everyone else is doing.

  • How much are the sessions?

At SF you don’t pay for sessions. You hire us as your health and fitness experts. Our role is to ensure you get lasting results. We do this in many ways rather than just providing you with a series of exercise sessions. Your membership is inclusive of everything needed to assist you to achieve your goals.

How much is a membership?

Once you book a complementary session you can discuss the following 3 options to discover what will suit you best.


6 weeks to start moving, feeling and looking younger 

We learn to crawl before we can walk. At SF you’ll be shown how to lay a foundation of movement, strength and good nutrition habits to help you get started on your journey. Your plan is entirely individualised.

If you haven’t exercised in 20 years Crawl will gradually build your fitness and health habits so that you can sustain them beyond these first 6 weeks. If you have been regularly exercising your plan will start from your current level to ensure you continue to progress towards all your fitness and health goals.

Includes bespoke exercise plan

  • 3 sessions a week at SF Fitness with our expert personal trainers
  • Weekly progress session to check improvements in body shape and fitness
  • Your very own accountability coach to help you outside of your exercise sessions
  • Nutrition advice and reviews to ensure you get the best results.

€450 x 1


A 6-month plan to allow us to commit to you in every way to ensure you achieve the results you want

Includes :

  • Unlimited sessions per week from day one as well as Crawl plus Regular programme reviews and updates.

€269pm x 6


The ultimate 12 month plan to transform your health and fitness so that this time next year you are moving, feeling, and looking years younger.

Includes :

  • Everything in Rise plus loyalty reward in your membership price

€239pm x 12



A shorter term premium membership where we literally take care of everything for you. If we could do the exercise for you we would.

Includes bespoke exercise plan

  • All of the above
  • Weekly massage/physiotherapy apt
  • Meal delivery service
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Personalised Supplement plan with supplements included
  • Individual Add-Ons as requested

FROM €1999pm

Minimum investment of 2 months required.