I never knew this about bagels

Was out on Friday for our annual lad’s night out

I was expecting to get the piss ripped out of me

as my half naked body has been plastered all over social media

But surprisingly all my mates were seriously impressed with the results

Anyway one of the lads was saying he had cut out bread

And then ate a bagel, which in his words was

Way worse than bread

In fact, according to him and his sources, a bagel is the equivalent of 8 slices of bread

I told him this was utter BS

And made a note in my phone to investigate this

Sure enough this is one of those rumours that can really distort one’s approach to getting healthy

And losing a few pounds



A Bagel has about 250 cals per 100 grams

100 grams of bread?

About 265

Now sure, a bagel will weigh more than 2 slices of bread

But it doesn’t have a huge amount more cals

Certainly not the equivalent of eating 8 slices

But it’s hearsay like this that people believe

And when they believe stuff like that

It really hampers their progress.

Eat a bagel thinking it’s like 8 slices of bread and you think you’ve ruined all your efforts

But if you just compare it to what it is, a few more cals than a sandwich

Then you can enjoy a bagel if that’s what you fancy

It’s common sense

It’s not believing everything you hear or read

It’s about having an expert you can rely on to give you the truth

Like you’ll get when you choose one of the new memberships at SF here


John ‘truth’ O’C

P.S. I’ve gotten some amazing compliments from the pics

I’m delighted with them myself

But they’re a complete and utter fraud

And I’ll show you why when I send you the blog post

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John O'Connell is the Owner of SF Fitness Personal Fitness Centre in Rathfarnham. He's a 2 time international best selling author, has appeared on numerous TV programmes on RTE and TV3 and was named World Fitness Elite Trainer of the Year 2013.
John was also a member of the rehabilitation staff for the Heineken Cup winning Leinster squad of 2009. And he worked with the New Zealand All Blacks in 2004.

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