Would you do this?

The author Marian Keyes lost 33lbs

Fair play to her

She did it by only consuming 600 calories a day of liquids for 12 weeks

Not so fair play

She described the diet it as being

‘disgusting’ and ‘repulsive’

She developed mouth-ulcers, hangnails, cold sores and experienced low energy

Would you follow something for 12 weeks that made you feel like that?

My main gripe with diets like these is they don’t teach what happens after

Granted Marian has kept the weight off and I really hope she keeps it off

She talks about having depression and having numerous addictions

I just doubt she will keep it off

This is based purely on science

By eating only 600 calories a day and then trying to maintain 

She’s basically taught her body to live on 600 cals a day

And as the body is extremely intelligent

It will simply match the 600 in with 600 out

And that means if you wanted some chocolate say 200 cals worth

That’s 1/3rd of your entire day gone

What happens when Marian eats 1200 cals in one day? which is very easy to do

She’ll store the excess as fat, doesn’t matter if it’s from cake or steak

What happens if she falls off the wagon for a week and consumes 1200 every day and more?

She’ll start seeing the scales climb

This is my worry

Because this is exactly what happens when you go on a very low cal diet (most diets fall into this)

You may be one of the strong ones who can stick with it for a while

But either way as soon as you start eating ‘normally’ again you’ll start storing fat

And that’s why, for any weight/fat loss to be sustainable

Your ‘normal’ must change.

And the absolute best way to do that 

Is to increase the amount of calories you burn by getting stronger and fitter

And to feed and fuel your body to achieve that

Not by starving or depriving yourself

John ‘mmm cake’ O’C

P.S.  Speaking of cake

There’ll be loads at this on Sat…


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John O'Connell is the Owner of SF Fitness Personal Fitness Centre in Rathfarnham. He's a 2 time international best selling author, has appeared on numerous TV programmes on RTE and TV3 and was named World Fitness Elite Trainer of the Year 2013.
John was also a member of the rehabilitation staff for the Heineken Cup winning Leinster squad of 2009. And he worked with the New Zealand All Blacks in 2004.

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