I’m not racist

Phone rang at the centre yesterday morning

Was a weird long ass number

Thought it might have been important

Boy was I wrong

I knew straight away when I answered

The indian voice on the other end of the line asked

“am I speaking with the owner of the company”

Told me his first name

And then asked me if I knew about a new service called Google listings or somefink

But here’s the thing

I had no idea who I was talking too

He never gave me a company name

Was he from Google? Who knew…

Proceeds to tell me about Google listings anyway

But I cut him off told him I’m not interested

And he then has the cheek to say

Get this

“Give me 30 seconds”


Now whether this guy had something I may have been interested in or not is irrelevant

I cut him off because I didn’t trust him



Had no idea who he worked for

And what the purpose of the call was,

I even asked him what this was about at the start

But he didn’t tell me

Trust is an important value of mine

And it’s why I offer a trial to SF Fitness first


To build that trust with you

So you can make up your mind

Before committing to hiring us as your fitness experts


John ‘trusting’ O’C

P.S. Still working on that blog about how Jackie has changed her life

Should have it for you in a day or two

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About the author

John O'Connell is the Owner of SF Fitness Personal Fitness Centre in Rathfarnham. He's a 2 time international best selling author, has appeared on numerous TV programmes on RTE and TV3 and was named World Fitness Elite Trainer of the Year 2013.
John was also a member of the rehabilitation staff for the Heineken Cup winning Leinster squad of 2009. And he worked with the New Zealand All Blacks in 2004.

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