The Salmon and Water diet

Great new diet for ya

Heard about it on the radio

You soak a fillet of salmon in water

Then chuck the salmon away, cuz you know, calories

Then any time you feel faint or dizzy have a sip of the water

Ok it’s not a real diet

It was an ad for something

But the sad fact is there are gonna be people

Come Monday

doing stupid stuff like this

They’ll cut out everything ‘bad’

Go all or nothing

Major detox for January

New year and new me and all that



But within weeks

Will be feeling like shit

Because they failed

yet again

New Year’s resolutions that didn’t even make it till Feb

All because they tried to fix a long term problem

with a short term solution

You know as well as I do that anybody can try to cut out and restrict food

It’s actually so simple to do

Hard to keep up

but so simple to do

And that’s why these people do it

Because they don’t need to think

Or make an actual plan

Which takes effort

Funny thing is for these people

If they spent a bit more effort at the start

Then keeping it up would feel so much easier

And that’s when the magic happens

Results start to come

You feel fitter, loads of energy in the morning

And not exhausted in the evening, able to do more with your day

Clothes become looser and it feels great

Because you know you can actually stick to it this time

Fortunately for anyone joining SF Fitness over the next few weeks

They’ll get that personal plan laid out for them

All they gotta do is start following it

Book yours here


John ‘happy new year to you’ O’C

P.S. You’ll probably see a load more motivation quotes over the next month

This is my year

Give it all you got

No pain no gain and all that jazz

Utter BS – will tell ya why tomorrow

About the Author John O'C

John O'Connell is the owner of SF Fitness & Health Centre. He started working in the fitness industry in 2002 after suffering a back injury. He has worked with many professional organisations including Leinster Rugby, An Garda Siochana, New Zealand Rugby, Dublin GAA, Spar and CBRE. He has also appeared muliple times on both RTE & TV3 as a health & fitness expert. John is the co-author of 2 international best selling books - Total Body Breakthroughs and The Fit Formula.

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