My experience has been nothing short of amazing!

Before I joined I felt unfit, sluggish and out of shape. I had spent years trying different gyms, classes and new fads but never stuck to them for long. I felt too old for some of the classes too.

I was worried I wasn’t fit enough to start or co-ordinated enough and because of my age I lacked confidence.

My experience when I joined was totally different to what I expected. The staff are there every step of the way to help, other members are helpful and encouraged me. Everyone has their own programme so there’s no competitive atmosphere.

My co-ordination has improved, there’s a very obvious change to my shape. Strength has improved as has my confidence. I’m sleeping great too. Overall it is really enjoyable and it’s the longest time I’ve ever spent in a gym. Even with a dog related shoulder injury I was able to keep going as they helped me work around it. I love my personal programme especially how it changes often to stop me getting bored.


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