Why SF Fitness?

A Non-Intimidating, Friendly & Supportive
Gym With Your Very Own Personal Plan
Designed By Experts To Deliver
The Results You Want

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Me with my folks


I’m John O’Connell, Owner of SF Fitness Personal Fitness Centre.

I’ve been a trainer for nearly 15 years. And I’ve got a confession to make

The Fitness Industry is Failing You

I’ve been in this industry since 2002.

And have seen the struggles people go through

  • They join gyms with the greatest intentions but never go
  • They buy home exercise equipment or dvds with promises of life changing results but never use them
  • Some go to the gym regularly but don’t feel like they’re getting anywhere
  • And many try every diet they come across but always seem to end up back at square one

I’ve even seen people spend a small fortune, upfront on a personal trainer and just stop turning up.

That last one was shocking to me.

Because I was that personal trainer. And it made me wake up and realise…

People need something more

More than a basic exercise plan

More than a diet

More than a gym

More than the conflicting advice plastered all over the internet


Should you lift weights and how heavy should they be?

How much cardio do you need to do?

What’s the best diet for you?

Are carbs going to make you fat?

Do you really have to sacrifice so much in the hope you’ll get some mediocre results?

And most of all….Will this work for you?


And that’s why I created something different

At SF Fitness you get:

  • A Customised Exercise Plan designed by experts, based off an in depth consultation and postural/movement assessment, to ensure you do the right exercises to achieve the goals you have
  • Unlimited Personal Fitness Sessions every month
  • Supervised by an Expert Coach at every single session. Knowing you’re in safe hands, doing everything the best way. And progressing at the right level for you to ensure you achieve your fitness and body shape goals
  • To workout in a welcoming environment with other members at every session. You’ll be inspired by them, encouraged by them and you’ll have a laugh with them too. Plus you’ll see first hand the incredible results they get. You can ask them how they did it and know in full confidence you can get the same results too
  • Flexibility to come in when you want. We’re open most days from 6am to 9pm. So you’ll always be able to fit in your training sessions and stay consistent
  • Accountability. Every member pre books their sessions. So you’ll have your appointments made before each week and know they’ll perfectly suit your schedule.
  • To be part of something more than a gym. SF Fitness is like a family. There’s no egos, no posers, no show offs. Just people who want the best results and are willing to support and help each other along the way

All coaching takes place under the expert guidance of the coaches at SF Fitness Rathfarnham. The type and level of exercise you’ll do is dependant on your individual wants and circumstances.

So, before you decide on a membership below, you’re invited you to book a Complimentary Session with a view to try us out for 2 weeks.

This complimentary session is not an exercise class

It’s an informal chat to find out exactly what you want and what the best way to get that might be. It includes a postural and movement assessment to understand how your body moves so you can get an exercise plan perfectly suited to you.

And if you feel you’d like to test it out then you can do a two week trial for just €99

To get more info on this click here:


You may then choose one of the following memberships depending on the results you want…


6 Month Basic Membership

  • 2 Coaching Session Per Week
  • Personal Fitness Plan
  • Personal Fitness Plan Updates
  • Members Support Website

6x €195


6 Month Elite Transformation Membership 

  • Unlimited Coaching Sessions
  • Customised Nutrition Reviews
  • Weekly Progress Reviews
  • Body Measurement Tracking 
  • Personal Fitness Plan
  • Regular Fitness Plan Updates
  • Weekly Check in
  • Members Support Website

6 x €225



28 Day Transformation Membership

  • Unlimited Coaching Sessions
  • Customised Nutrition Reviews
  • Weekly Progress Reviews
  • Body Measurement Tracking 
  • Personal Fitness Plan
  • Weekly Check in
  • Members Support Website


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