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For many of our members understanding energy balance takes a bit of time. Part of this is an awareness of portion sizes. << sounds simple, right?

However, there's so much BS out there they can be forgiven for buying into all the fads

It's your hormones, it's your metabolism, it's carbs, it's your blood type, it's your stress

Nope it's your intake vs output

It sounds simple in theory but let me assure you it's not so easy in practice

It takes time to understand what works for your body

It takes practice to know how much you are actually putting in. This short post will help you understand portion sizes more.

It takes awareness of what your output is

We've got to realise energy balance is a dynamic thing and is based around multiple factors

That can and will change over time

So to give ourselves the best chance it's a smart idea to know what's in your food

So here are a few comparisons of portion sizes showing you how easy it is to add an extra 350cals to your day without even realising it

Butter: 50 calorie difference

Olive Oil: 50 calorie difference

Peanut Butter: 10grms= 59 cals, 15grms = 88 cals, 25 grms = 147 cals.

There's a 58 cal difference between the 15 and 25 grms but they look v similar

Granola: There's over 100 calorie difference. Top pic is the recommended portion size on the packet

Rice: Over 100 cal difference. Top pic is recommended portion size for rice

Having an awareness of how much is in your food is so important. Because a lot of the time it answers the question, why can't I lose weight? The simple fact is you're portion sizes are too big. Rice is a perfectly healthy food. But you can easily see how you can add 100/200 extra calories to a meal and not even realise it. Misjudge your other meals in a similar fashion and you eliminate your calorie deficit.

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