My crazy strict diet

Finished training yesterday

Over 12 weeks of some of the most gruelling workouts

Might get to them another time

Cuz I wanna go through how my food has changed over the last 3 months or so

I’ll set the scene first

I wasn’t training, at all

Kept making excuses,

Too busy, no time

Remember I own a gym

And I still thought I didn’t have the time

Batshit crazy I know

My food was below what I’d normally eat

I was eating very little during the day

Would buy my lunches and choose whatever I fancied at the time

Then I’d pig out in the evening

The best way for me to change was to hire a trainer

And set myself a goal

12 weeks – photoshoot at the end, no pressure right?

Food went as follows

Weeks 1-3

– Started eating better

– Cooked more

– More nutritious food like veggies, protein, carbs

– Ate more regularly throughout the day

– Didn’t cut out anything

– still drank and ate pizza

Weeks 3-9

– Increased food, especially carbs

– My initial aim was to gain as much size as possible

– Didn’t cut out anything

– still drank and ate kebabs

Weeks 9-12

– Started reducing calories

– I’d been tracking what I was doing so I just reduced portion sizes

– Didn’t cut out anything

– still drank and ate chinese

Week 13

This week

I’ve cut out carbs completely till Thursday

Only eating white fish and green veggies

Doing some crazy stuff with water

All to manipulate how I look in the pics

A few days later and I won’t look anything like that

I’m telling you this because

I see people trying to do what I’ve done in the last 3-4 weeks

And even more extreme versions



But their only starting off

They’ve no baseline

Which means they’ll just go back to the way they were

Guess what happened on Sat

When I started this really strict stuff?

I immediately wanted a chipper

I wanted rock shandy

I even wanted an Indian and I don’t even like Indian

Too spicy for me

All of this, because I can’t have

And it’s why every programme at SF

Starts where you are starting from

Not some strict plan that even I find hard to stick to

And never tells you ‘you can’t have’

Yet, will deliver the best results you can possibly imagine

Find out more here

John ‘I’m hot enough’ O’C

P.S. I’ve taken pics and am gonna do up a blog

Just to show how much you can manipulate ‘results’

in a very short space of time

It’s what a lot of models do for pics

Like you see in magazines and on social meja

About the Author John O'C

John O'Connell is the owner of SF Fitness & Health Centre. He started working in the fitness industry in 2002 after suffering a back injury. He has worked with many professional organisations including Leinster Rugby, An Garda Siochana, New Zealand Rugby, Dublin GAA, Spar and CBRE. He has also appeared muliple times on both RTE & TV3 as a health & fitness expert. John is the co-author of 2 international best selling books - Total Body Breakthroughs and The Fit Formula.

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