​”If the 90 days part puts you off this isn’t for you. What you are about to discover goes against EVERYTHING the fitness and physiotherapy industries have promoted for decades”

Do you struggle to do certain activities because of pain, weakness or lack of fitness?

If so I know how debilitating it can be. You want to move more. You want to be more active. You’d like to feel stronger and fitter in your body.

But you can’t. Because your body isn’t playing ball.

Could be you suffer from a specific injury or general aches and stiffness. Or you just feel weak and out of shape and don’t know where to start. 

The alpha male inside you says you should be able to do it yourself. Man up. But that hasn’t worked.

And it won’t work.

Why? Because everything you’ve been told about how to get fit, strong and healthy is utter horse shit.

Commercial gyms are geared toward serving the masses not you. Hundreds of machines and a crammed free weights area with everyone doing their own thing is the last thing you need.

Physios don’t understand the importance of treating the body as a whole. Not just the site of pain. 

Most personal trainers haven’t a clue about injury prevention or rehabilitation. They just find the latest cool looking exercises and throw them at their members. No structured programme. No progression. No results.

And all these new ‘hardcore’ fitness warehouse type facilities are downright destroying their attendees bodies bit by bit. There’s nothing smart about training till every muscle in your body hurts. There’s nothing clever about making you feel like puking. Any idiot can make you tired in the gym. But are they making your life outside easier and better?

So where does that leave you? Up shit creak that’s where. But I want to share with you what I’ve done to help me and my clients

But first all this comes from a place of experience and knowledge. My own experience dealing with back, neck and shoulder injuries. Experiences of travelling the country searching for a solution. Seeing therapist after therapist but getting no relief.

Working in commercial gyms and having over seen thousands of personal training sessions. Working with professional rugby players. Learning from them and their trainers and physios.

Travelling the world meeting true experts in the fields of fitness, strength and rehabilitation. And the two biggest things I have learned are to

1. Assess


2. Treat the body as a whole.

What this means is any member who applies for my programme will go through an in depth assessment first.

We’ll analyse

Your posture

Your movement

Your joints

Your motor control

Your flexibility

Your core

Basically everything from head to toe so you’ll get personalised plan specific to your body.

We’ll also assess your injury history, previous exercise, what your goals are and what you’ve tried before. This is so we can get a detailed picture of exactly what you want and need.

Now, providing a service like this has it’s challenges. Most notably those whom I label as time wasters, tyre kickers and blokes who are all talk. So I have to be honest from the start.

This is not for any bloke.

It’s not for ‘meat heads’ who’s only interest is in flexing their biceps in front of the mirror.

It’s not for guys who think they know everything about training.

Or guys who are just interested in boosting their ego lifting big weights with horrendous form.

It’s not for men who’s only form of pleasure is getting pissed at the weekends. 

It’s not for lazy slobs, who waste their time watching box sets and playing video games. Or who’ve every take-away within 3 miles number saved in their contacts.

It’s also not for the spoofers. Guys who tell their fitter mates every week how they’re gonna start some new fad next week and they’ll be ripped in no time.

This is for the guy who wants a strong, athletic body that doesn’t break down. Who isn’t afraid to challenge himself physically and mentally while ensuring he’s building a bulletproof body

You see I’ve been training for 15 years. Both myself and my clients. I first started training to get bigger.

To put it bluntly I was a weed. Zero strength. Stick thin. And a bit of a pussy. I used to let people walk all over me.

Got bullied in school. Had no confidence at all. Couldn’t talk to women. Would just clam up when ever they were around.

So when I joined a gym I wanted to get bigger. But something else happened. I got stronger. Not just in the gym, outside of it too.

My mental strength and confidence soared. All of a sudden people were noticing me. Respecting me. It was weird, people would naturally step out of my way when I was walking down the road. I wasn’t being a dick or anything.

I didn’t really understand it at the time. But now I know why. And I’ll explain all in a minute. But before that I want to talk a bit more about confidence. Especially social confidence.

I’ve gone from being shy and having zero confidence to being able to stand in front of large audiences and speak about this stuff. To be able to charge for speaking at huge international companies like Pfizer. To be able to walk into a room and instantly feel at ease.

And I did this in two ways

1. I got stronger, fitter and more muscular


2. I started studying confidence and charisma

I’ve learned a ton of tricks and techniques and I now want to pass this on to those who want the same.

Techniques like

  • How to build massive strength while protecting yourself from getting injured 
  • Why most body building programmes will just make you weak and tired
  • Why you should rarely lift the heaviest weight you can and why that will destroy your muscle gains
  • Why more protein is NOT the key to making you more muscular and stronger
  • Why cardio is unnecessary for shedding fat. In fact you could be wasting your time doing it.
  • Why confidence is something you DO not something you have
  • How to feel more confident and charismatic in seconds. I was stunned at how fast and effective this technique was when I learnt it
  • Why core training is USELESS and won't get you anywhere near a six pack
  • How to make anyone like you within seconds. I love using this technique (provided I want the person to like me)
  • Why methods like CrossFit are useless for beginners and not all that great for advanced trainees either
  • How to eat what you want and get that lean, toned look. 
  • The number one key to increasing testosterone and the simple test you can do at home to determine if your testosterone is low.

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