“If the 90 days part puts you off this isn’t for you. What you are about to discover goes against EVERYTHING the diet, fitness and beauty
industries have promoted for decades”


What you are about to read is only for a certain type of woman. A woman who has a deep desire to start something different. To move away from a mundane and ordinary life.

To be able to stop worrying about how they’ll feel when they step on the scales. To feel stronger, more self confident and truly independent. And not be afraid or overwhelmed of chasing their dreams.

This is for the woman who wants to be more emotionally able to deal with life.

It’s not for the sheep. Women who follow and obsess about every celebrity trend. Women who strive for the stick thin skinny look. Women who are content being weak, mentally and physically. And who have no interest in feeling strong and confident.

It’s not for the piss heads, who complain about having no money yet spend all of theirs on alcohol every weekend. Then wake up on Monday morning and tell the whole world via social media how shit they feel.

This is for the woman who knows there is something more to life. But hasn’t found it, till now.

You can blame social media, trash mags, reality TV and the diet industry. They’ve all contributed to portraying women as having to be thin, fake tanned clones of each other.

If that’s the idea of beauty you can keep it.

In fact, most of my mates
can’t stand that look.

What we prefer is a strong, confident woman. A woman who oozes confidence and is sexy even without having to doll herself up.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of make up. But if you spend more time putting stuff on your body to make you feel better than you do focusing on what you’re putting into it, there’s something very wrong.

You shouldn’t need a ‘mask’ to feel confident and beautiful. But this is what’s almost expected of you. There’s pressure to conform. And lots of it.

But what if you could feel sexy, confident, strong and beautiful without all that? By just how you feel inside. Life would feel a lot better, right?

And that’s what I want to show you now.

It all starts with your body.

More to the point, what you do with it.

You see, I’ve been training women and men for nearly 15 years. And while both have their challenges women have far more crap to deal with. You already know how I feel about most of the ideals surrounding “beauty”. 

But you also have to deal with lies. Especially when it comes to fitness and nutrition.

  • Don’t lift weights they’ll make you bulky and masculine. Couldn’t be further from the truth and I’ll explain more in a moment.
  • Go on a juice detox to lose weight so you can feel good about yourself. But they don't tell you about the weight you'll gain right back
  • Carbs are the devil. Even though one of your main metabolism hormones NEEDS carbs to function properly
  • Cardio is great for fat loss. But you've never been told the insane amount you'll have to do to see lasting results
  • Not to mention all the pills and potions promising to make you thin and beautiful in days.

But here’s what they really don’t tell you…

The journey makes the
real difference

You feeling better has very little to do with getting a specific result.

Being a size 10 or 12. Losing 1, 2, 3 stone.

None of that works. Because…

It’s the strength you’ll develop from overcoming challenges.

It’s the confidence you’ll take from doing things you never thought possible

It’s the feeling of self belief you’ll gain from knowing you’re able to do what most can’t.

The biggest obstacle I see preventing women from gaining all this, is everyone promises the end result. Lose weight, have more energy, get fit.

But they ignore where you are starting from right now. And the end result can seem so far away it feels almost impossible to attain.

So the doubts creep in.

Will I be able for it?

Will I feel embarrassed?

What will everyone think of me?

What if I look stupid?

What if I hurt myself?

Will I be the fattest/unfittest person there?

Will it work?

What if I fail?

Is this the right thing for me?

There’s so much conflicting information, what do I do?

And the first thing to realise is these feelings are never going to go away.

“It’s perfectly normal to feel like this.
To have all these questions and
doubts. And I’d be worried if
you didn’t.”

But no matter how you feel right now, if you want to feel differently, if you want to change how you look or feel, the first step has to be to do something different.

I’ve designed a unique fitness, nutrition & mindset coaching programme for women only.

Not just any women though. There’s a criteria they must meet. And I’ve already explained some of that here.

Also it’s not cheap. If you think it’s expensive then you simply can’t afford it. I certainly don’t want anyone getting into debt just to do it. It’s expensive for a reason. 

If you are willing to invest in this then you’re stating how much you really want to build more confidence and re-shape your body.

And how you’re not one of those women who just bounce from one gimmick to the next. Searching for some magic ‘secret’ shortcut.

However, I can never truly tell who will do the programme justice unless they go through what I call my Discovery Series.

During this Discovery Series you’ll

  • Get crystal clear clarity on what you want. And this has very little to do with getting fit, losing weight or toning up. It's about how you want to feel.
  • Explore what you’ve tried before & why it didn't work. It wasn't because of willpower, motivation or discipline. It was because you had no clarity, no accountability and you tried things that were just too hard to stick too.
  • Admit to what’s held you back. The emotions you feel that cause you to 'sabotage' your efforts. The challenges you face that force you to quit.
  • And what would stop you going forward. This requires honesty and to stop hiding from your truth. There are always going to be obstacles getting in your way. But knowing how to pre-empt them will make dealing with them much simpler.

Yes this probably seems overwhelming. But you know there’s more to it than just losing weight and toning up.

That’s what this Discovery Series is for. To explore all the reasons you’ve been held back and to discover massive clarity and focus.

And from there we’ll design a personal blueprint just for you and what you want. 

And it’s not about being perfect

That can never happen and it’ll stop you dead your tracks.

In fact you’ve probably tried to be perfect, or follow the perfect plan, or wait for the perfect time before. And look where that’s got you?

This blueprint will be about you being imperfect. This means we can identify your struggles and overcome them.

And that’s where you’ll start to gain more confidence, self belief, courage and strength.

Sure, this might be “just” fitness and nutrition BUT I’ve seen some amazing life changes from the women I coach.

"There is a great atmosphere where people chat and have a bit of craic. It's great to feel part of a group trying hard to reach their individual goals. It's reassuring when you're working towards things you never thought possible, to know that you are in capable, caring hands."


"I was tired of “trying” to lose weight & stay fit for 7 years.

And when I say trying I mean, going from counting “points or syns” to extreme levels where I was using meal replacement shakes etc.

I was unhappy in myself & couldn’t run up the stairs without losing my breath. I definitely wasn’t healthy & my trips to the doctor were proof of that!

Since joining I’ve changed my attitude completely, I eat larger meals including the dreaded Carbs! And I’m not craving half as much processed/junk food.

I still eat them when I want them, but now I feel in control.

I run up 2-3 flights of stairs in work without needing an oxygen tank at the top!

All in all I’m a happier & more confident person since joining"


"This has helped me in so many ways.

It keeps me sane. It keeps me focused.

Helps me get stronger and is one of the best stress relievers ever.

The part that I love most is the people though not just the great results I can see.

I love the encouragement you get from everyone and not just the coaches.

I look forward to my trips to it every time.

For some reason the time flies by and before you know it a training session is over and then I feel good and always have a sense of achievement after every session because there is always some sort of progression."


"In the past 2 months I've learned more about myself than in 30 years. I'm stronger than I thought I was and just when I think I'm running out of fuel and about to give up there's always that one last rep that surprises me.... Something that can be applied to all aspects of life not just training.

I put all of that down to the support and encouragement I get. Without that support and encouragement, I would just keep giving up and never improve, now I know I can always improve and be better.

This has taught me that the best competition in life is the one between what you think you can do and what you can actually do!"


"Joining this is the best decision I've ever made.

I have gone from dragging my ass out of bed every day to feeling stronger, happier in myself and full of energy.

I would say to anyone who is unsure about joining is do it NOW because you won't look back and you certainly won't find a place like this where the support, guidance and training is like no other."


I love how this has helped me get stronger in my thinking.

I know that might sound odd, but honestly, knowing that I’ve done things that I didn’t think possible has helped me to silence the little (but sometimes very loud) voice in my head that says, "you can’t". Oh yes I can, and I have. So there!

All those doubts that pop up when things aren’t going well? I now have something to hit them with. And hit them hard. I think that’s the most unexpected benefit of this whole thing"


Even though they’ve all re shaped their bodies you’ll notice none of them really mention the weight loss. Because there’s more to it than that. Sure losing weight is nice. But the real benefits are in how they feel. 

And it’s largely been down to what they start accomplishing in the gym.

It’s exercising with a purpose instead of just trying to burn calories.

It’s about developing physical strength which not only leads to more mental strength but also a body shape that oozes sexiness.

So once you have completed your Discovery Series, and if I’m happy you’re gonna commit to this, you’ll start a 90 day individualised fitness and nutrition programme.

    With this programme you will...

    • Increase your metabolism so you burn fat in all the right places
    • ​Get stronger than you ever possibly imagined
    • ​Get fitter no matter what your starting point
    • ​Enhance your relationship with food
    • ​Learn why you don't need to restrict or deprive yourself
    • Develop real self belief and confidence
    • Develop that trim, toned look that turns men on and makes other women jealous
    • Feel truly empowered and mentally stronger
    • ​Develop the mind skills to be more emotionally able to deal with life

    But that’s getting ahead of ourselves.

    Before you even think about that. Click the ‘Yes, I’m Interested’ button, fill out your details and request a place on the next Discovery Series.

    The Discovery Series has 3 parts:

    Part One

    Your Discovery Survey

    ​This short survey will explore everything you've tried before and where you are right now. What you want. What you don't want.

    This is so I can tell if you'd be a good candidate for the rest of the series.

    Part Two

    Your Discovery Call

    ​During this video call we'll start discovering the true reasons you're stuck. Why what you have tried before hasn't worked and won't ever work. 

    From this we'll design a 90 day blueprint to help you build your confidence and re-shape your entire body.

    Part Three

    Your Discovery Session

    ​This is a one to one session where we start to nail down the exact action steps needed for you to succeed. ​You'll also be brought through a postural and movement screen so I can design a personalised programme for you

    There’s no charge for parts one and two. Because it’s important to tell whether you’re the type of woman who really, really wants this.

    Or the type of woman who thinks it would be “nice” to have it but isn’t willing to actually earn it.

    And look, I’m not going to lie or fluff things up for you. I’ll leave that to the fads and gimmicks you’ve tried before.

    I’m being 100% honest here. 

    You’re going to have to push yourself. 

    In fact this will probably the hardest thing you do in your life.
    But it’s only 90 days. And you’ll
    look and feel amazing after it.

    You’re going to end up doing things that might not seem possible right now.

    Those limits you think you have? They’re part of what’s holding you back. And you’ll be amazed at what you will be capable of.

    Because that’s the only way you can feel & see the benefits.

    But you already know that. Deep down you know you are capable of more. At least, you desire to be capable of more.

    So there will be tough times ahead. Times where you’ll feel like giving up times when you’ll question, what’s the point? This happens to everyone.

    And there’s no point in me lying to you, creating some hype around how easy it’s going to be.

    “But these are the times and
    challenges that will make
    you that stronger, more
    confident woman.”

    Without these the programme wouldn’t work. You’d never grow. You’d never discover the real you and what you are truly capable of.

    And it’s why most women will have stopped reading by now. It’s why most women will never even fill out the survey, let alone start the programme. It’s why most women will never get to feel how they want to feel.

    The question is, are you happy being ‘most women’? Or do you have the desire to be something else?

    You’ll find out exactly what the rest of the programme entails if you get your Discovery Call. But to give you a quick insight here’s a bit of info

    • Part 3, Your Discovery Session and the programme will take place in SF Fitness Personal Fitness Centre in Rathfarnham. (See map below)
    • ​You'll be required to attend a minimum of 3 semi-private personal training sessions a week.
    • Your programme will be individually designed for you and you'll train in small supervised groups. 3 members to one coach.
    • ​Every single session you do will be supervised by me or one of my expert coaches

    All this means you know you’ll be training in the safest, most effective way possible so you can build bucket loads of confidence and re-shape your entire body.

    Your investment for the 12 weeks is 3 payments of €249 with a 2 week trial period.

    During the first 2 weeks if either of us think we’ve made a mistake you’ll get your first payment completely refunded and we can part ways.

    Because this programme really isn’t for everyone.

    For example…

    This isn’t for women who only think about going on a diet or getting fit at the last minute (when it’s too late to do anything about it)…..Or who are on a tight budget…..Or who expect miracles and want to lose 10lbs in 7 days…..Or who aren’t willing to spend more time planning what to eat than what to wear.

    If that’s you then don’t waste your time. I’m sure there’s a programme out there for you.

    But this isn’t it.

    The members of my Fitness Centre will continue to get amazing results whether you join or not.

    In fact, if you aren’t prepared to become more accountable for what you do and how you feel…..or if you’re just feeling excited about what you’ve read but aren’t ready to put the effort in…..then you shouldn’t join.

    This is for women who want something better out of life. And this is your time to choose.

    Click the ‘Yes, I’m Interested’ button to start your survey