Domino Doomsday

Forget Nuclear war, I’m terrified of Dominoes

No not the pizza

Black and white rectangular dominoes

Why you may ask?

Because damn it,

if they got into the wrong hands they could destroy the earth

And something needs to be done, fast

Ok maybe that’s a little dramatic

But one little domino has the power to flatten the Eiffel tower




Let me explain

If you line up one domino and place another one,

just 50% bigger in front

And then another 50% larger than that

very soon you would have a domino large enough to tower over the Eiffel Tower

Not only that, 

But that 1st domino, at just 2 inches tall, has the power to knock over the next one

And that second has the power to knock the 3rd one and so on

18 dominoes later and the Eiffel Tower would be a goner

True story

So what has this got to do with you?

Well it shows that one small but significant thing

Can be the kick start to greater things

That one small step can build massive momentum

Unfortunately when it comes to fitness

Many people believe it’s all or nothing

When in fact you would get much more consistent results

With small steps

It’s like what happens in every session at SF Fitness

One small step in progression

Means each member get’s a bit fitter and stronger

And that means the next time they are in

The have a greater potential to get even fitter and stronger than before

And because getting fitter and stronger is the basis for every fitness or body goal

It means results build and build and get easier and easier

They gather greater momentum

All with one small but significant step

Now you might be looking way way down the line

At your end goal

The ultimate outcome you want

But that’s the wrong thing to focus on

Because you aren’t at the level to achieve that yet

So you must start at your current level

And that’s where I come in

From a personalised assessment I will identify the best level for you to start at

And then what each progression should be

So you can feel or see the changes happen each and every week

But of course that’s not the first domino

Though you knew that already didn’t you

Your first domino is clicking this


Selecting exactly what you want and booking an assessment

Then you can leave the rest up to me

John ‘dominoes’ O’C

P.S. SF Fitness Coach Ruth got a bit pissed off last week

Because she was focusing at her end goal too much

She’s competing at the National Powerlifting Championships

Aiming to qualify for the World Championships later this year

We sorted out her mindset by drawing one line

And now she’s more focused than ever

Will fill you in about that line tomorrow

About the Author John O'C

John O'Connell is the owner of SF Fitness & Health Centre. He started working in the fitness industry in 2002 after suffering a back injury. He has worked with many professional organisations including Leinster Rugby, An Garda Siochana, New Zealand Rugby, Dublin GAA, Spar and CBRE. He has also appeared muliple times on both RTE & TV3 as a health & fitness expert. John is the co-author of 2 international best selling books - Total Body Breakthroughs and The Fit Formula.

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