Comparison is the thief of Joy

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Part of our VIP programmes at SF Fitness are what I call Accountability Sessions

These are weekly chats for the members to share their struggles and get help, advice and support with them

After all knowledge is rarely the problem

(Unless you believe every single thing you read on the internet. In which case you’re probably very, very confused.Dublin Personal Trainer

And for any smart arses out there, whose higher than thou ego’s may feel inclined to point out this blog resides on the internet, I’m well aware of the irony)

But you have a fair idea of what to eat to be healthier right? And you know you should exercise more

But often it’s down to personal struggles that make it harder to get results

  • Like how to avoid eating everything in sight when you’re stressed
  • Or when you get bad news
  • Or good news for that matter
  • Many of our members have to eat out for work
  • Or just how do you socialise when you’re trying to change your body shape

These things can knock you off track and it’s hard to start again

Makes the whole process one frustrating cycle of stop-start, stop-start

That is until you start addressing the triggers that cause these scenarios

So that’s what these Accountability Sessions are for.

To share what struggles we have and figure out how to make them have less of an impact

So on Monday Jackie shared one of hers

Comparing herself to others

She looks at other members and thinks

“she’s much fitter than me”

But instead of taking inspiration from it she feels bad.

It’s also the reason so many people hold themselves back

They’re afraid to join because…

everyone will be so much fitter than me

Or I’ll feel embarrassed

I won’t be able to keep up

I’ll look like a fool

But the truth is everybody is different. Comparing yourself to someone else serves no purpose if you feel bad about it.

And nine times out of ten the comparison isn’t accurate either

Take Jackie’s struggle

I wrote an email about it to my VIP list (you can jump on it by clicking here – WARNING you’ll get a free guide with a load of free tips and plenty more of my dry Irish wit)

And Suzanne, who’s another member, wrote back

With this:

This totally resonated and then made me laugh because I’m always looking at Jackie going “wow she’s so strong” or “Jackie gave it 110% during that session, did I give it my best?”
Just makes you realise that we are all so focused on our negatives that we totally overlook our strengths! Will keep that in mind.

And then Deirdre replied with this:

It’s so refreshing and reassuring to hear other people’s challenges too. I can relate to them all! 

By all means take inspiration from other people. Take solace in the fact you aren’t alone in this.

But never, ever compare.

Because forgetting about stuff like genetics. And that people’s bodies are very different.

Like Serena William’s body is suited to tennis.

While others are suited to boxing like Katie Taylor.

Two excellent athletes but would be amateurs if they swapped sports.

BTW I love this from JK RowlingPersonal Trainer Dublin

You’ve also got to take into account each person’s story.

What you have had to overcome in your own life is vastly different to anyone else.

Where you are in your journey is completely different to where Jackie, Suzanne or Deirdre are.

And if you keep trying to compare yourself or your body to someones else’s you will always, always, always find someone who is better looking, slimmer, fitter, stronger or smarter than you.

You can’t be the best in the world

You can only be the best YOU in YOUR world

And this goes for all those shitty comparisons we make

She’s skinnier than me

Her legs are better than mine

I should be losing more weight

He’s got better glutes than me (Just kidding, no one has better glutes than me)

Dublin personal Trainer

Dat Ass!

You get what I’m saying right?

There will always be someone with better genetics and there will always be someone who works harder than you.

So all these comparisons will just serve to make you feel like shit

And when you feel like that you can’t make good decisions

And it’s the good decisions that will ultimately deliver the results you want

Wanna know another good…correction, excellent decision?

Clicking this and trying out a personal training programme at SF Fitness for two weeks

John ‘great glutes’ O’C

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John O'Connell is the owner of SF Fitness & Health Centre. He started working in the fitness industry in 2002 after suffering a back injury. He has worked with many professional organisations including Leinster Rugby, An Garda Siochana, New Zealand Rugby, Dublin GAA, Spar and CBRE. He has also appeared muliple times on both RTE & TV3 as a health & fitness expert. John is the co-author of 2 international best selling books - Total Body Breakthroughs and The Fit Formula.

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