She’s a true Superwoman

What Mary has been through would make anyone’s life look like a holiday 

Yet she always comes in with a smile on her face

On Monday she was warming up for her bench press

And she said,

“To think these 12kg dumbells are light

9 months ago I wouldn’t have ever imagined I’d say something like that”

Like I said, If you knew exactly what she’s been through you’d know the power in that statement



She even puts it down to one thing

That she has to book in her sessions each week and make an appointment with a coach

It’s not like other gyms she said

Where you can just put it off

I’ll go tomorrow sort of thing

She knows what her schedule is and how to work everything else around the appointment she’s booked in

Because just like everyone else

She would let life get in the way

And put off doing things for herself,

Like keeping fit, healthy and strong,

For other people, work and so on

Even ignoring all the other results she’s gotten

Like rehabbing from surgery to dropping inches

She’s made this a part of her life now

All because she was able to get a personalised plan

Part of which includes devising it to be effective with her own weekly schedule

See there are certain things holding you back from getting what you want

And that’s where SF Fitness comes to the rescue

Whether it’s time, knowing what to do, injuries, motivation, willpower or anything else

We’ll make your plan suited to you and what’s holding you back

Just click here to book a consultation

John ‘mary rocks’ O’C

P.S. I’ve selected Mary as our next featured member

Keep an eye out for her story coming soon

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About the author

John O'Connell is the Owner of SF Fitness Personal Fitness Centre in Rathfarnham. He's a 2 time international best selling author, has appeared on numerous TV programmes on RTE and TV3 and was named World Fitness Elite Trainer of the Year 2013.
John was also a member of the rehabilitation staff for the Heineken Cup winning Leinster squad of 2009. And he worked with the New Zealand All Blacks in 2004.

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