I hate RTE Player

Been trying to watch the programme RTE did on sugar

Using the RTE player

But it’s driving me nuts

Because I have to sit through about 2 mins of ads

And then when I skip through it

More ads

Same with the Late Late

Apparently they did a segment at the end on sugar too

I managed to hear a few mins of it,

The picture somehow got paused on an ad

Gotta love technology eh?

All I got to hear was Dr Eva say we are consuming too much sugar

Which I’d agree with

Question is do you know how much you are consuming?

Let’s go one better

Do you know how many calories you take in on a weekly basis?

Most people don’t, let alone know how many they should

Because all we’ve been bombarded with

Is genius advice like eat less <– How’s that working out for us?



But how can you eat less if you don’t know how much you are eating

Or should eat?

You can’t

And that’s just one of the things I’ll show you at 

A Carb Lover’s Guide To A Better Body

http://sffitness.ie/ate-jan16 <–click to register

Not only that but I’ll bet you’ll be amazed at how much you can eat

And still melt away the pounds

John ‘techno dunce’ O’C

P.S. Gotta tell you about what happened on Sunday

A woman went ballistic at me

Will have to wait till tomorrow though

In the meantime register here


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About the author

John O'Connell is the Owner of SF Fitness Personal Fitness Centre in Rathfarnham. He's a 2 time international best selling author, has appeared on numerous TV programmes on RTE and TV3 and was named World Fitness Elite Trainer of the Year 2013.
John was also a member of the rehabilitation staff for the Heineken Cup winning Leinster squad of 2009. And he worked with the New Zealand All Blacks in 2004.

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