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The untold truth about emotional eating

It’s human nature to seek out comfort And with the array of foods and delicious tastes available to us is it any wonder we eat for comfort, or to satisfy our emotions Now, while there are many psychological reasons for emotional eating and many great techniques for helping you control your impulses I’m going to […]

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Netflix and Chill

Apparently I’m the only one who didn’t know what Netflix and Chill meant Can’t believe I’ve never heard of it Almost the same disbelief Fiona has in terms of how far she’s come here at SF Gone are the days of constantly weighing herself Feeling guilty over what she eats Terrified of eating ‘bad/fattening’ food […]

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Comparison is the thief of Joy

Part of our VIP programmes at SF Fitness are what I call Accountability Sessions These are weekly chats for the members to share their struggles and get help, advice and support with them After all knowledge is rarely the problem (Unless you believe every single thing you read on the internet. In which case you’re probably very, […]

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How much cardio?

How much cardio should I do? Should I do cardio outside of my training sessions here? Why don’t you have any cardio machines? Just a sample of the questions I get asked by new members here at SF Fitness Understandably they’re confused… Walk into any mainstream gym and you’ll see rake loads of cardio machines From […]

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An Open Letter to Stellar Magazine

I came across an article written by Rosemary MacCabe, deputy editor of Stellar magazine. She is doing a diary of her experiences with Slimming World Brave woman This particular edition caught my eye Because it’s an all too common experience for the female members at SF Fitness. And it’s something I see causes so much frustration and unhappiness In […]

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Advances in Core Training

If you’ve ever been shown a ‘core exercise’ you’ve probably heard at least one of the following cues: Hollow, tense, tighten, suck in, pull in, zip up, engage, brace or squeeze. But which one is right? And could you be doing more harm than good? There’s an issue with all of this. It ignores the […]

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Wanna Get Fit?

January, the time of year well meaning ‘resolutioners’ start off with the best intentions only to falter by February. Through no fault of their own I might add. So if you’re planning on getting fit this year here are my top tips for doing it the right way. 1. Get an assessment Sure there are all these […]

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Monkey See Monkey Do

Monkey See; Monkey Do, never really thought much about that saying. But after reading the following experiment it makes perfect sense. Plus it appears it’s totally true. Here’s how it went down: 5 monkeys in a cage. A ladder in the middle and a bunch of bananas on top of it. Every time a monkey […]

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The Grinch of SF Fitness

Jim Carey is trained in CIA torture resistance techniques He said so on Graham Norton last week Fascinating thing is why It was so he could endure the process of getting his make up done for when he played the Grinch It took 8.5 hours the first day And he did it 100 times for […]

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