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Before you decide…

Get started with a Complimentary Discovery Session

The purpose of this Discovery Session is to find out about you, what you want and what you don’t want.

Your programme will be fully customised for you.

You may have muscle imbalances, excessive tightness or certain weaknesses in how your body moves. So the Discovery Session will mean you can get a programme designed specifically for you and the results you want.

And don’t worry none of this is painful or embarrassing. I’ve heard (and seen) the horror stories in other places. At SF Fitness you won’t be thrown into exercise or on a random machine without being fully assessed first.

Also you’ll sit down with me, John O’C for a chat. So I can learn all about your health history, previous injuries, your fitness and body shape goals and any previous exercise.

That way you can be sure your programme, if you decide to join, will be perfectly tailored to you. And you can be sure SF Fitness is the best fit for you.

During your Discovery Session you’ll discover…

  • What exercises will give YOU the best results
  • What exercises to never do so you avoid injury
  • The cause of any aches or pains you have and how to quickly fix them
  • How to build a stronger core (it’s not what you think)
  • What stretches could be harming you
  • Why fitness testing is a waste of time.
  • How to eat normally so you never have to restrict a food ever again
  • Why eating is not the problem, even if you think it is
  • How to achieve your goals faster than ever
  • The number one cause of failure in any fitness programme
  • Our simple, common sense formula for nutrition success

Ask about your Discovery Session here

Ask about your Discovery Session here

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Bonus #1

As a THANK YOU for coming in you’ll get a complimentary copy of the international best selling book The Fit Formula, co-authored by SF Fitness owner John O’Connell.

If we feel that we can help you meet your fat loss and fitness goals, and you do decide to join SF Fitness, then the information from your Discovery Session will be used to create your Personalised Fitness Programme. Every single member has an individual programme designed specifically for them. That’s how we know that you’ll get great results when you join SF Fitness.

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Bonus #2

After your Discovery Session if you decide you want to join you can try us out for 14 days for just €95. BUT we only take on a small number of new members each month to ensure the highest possible standards.

Fill in your details below to book your complimentary Discovery Session now…

Ask about your Discovery Session here

Ask about your Discovery Session here