Advances in Core Training Workshop

When? Monday 16th February, Registration Closes Thursday 12th.

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Where’s it on? SF Fitness Personal Fitness Centre, Rathfarnham

Who’s it with? John O’Connell, former therapist for the Leinster Rugby Team

Time? 8-9 pm

Who’s this for?

The easiest way to explain this is to describe who it’s not for. It’s not for know it alls who think they’re fit enough already. It’s not for people who refuse to exercise or are afraid to get stronger.

It’s not for selfie loving gym bunnies who care more about being a size 6 than their health. It’s not for the grunting gorillas who don’t know how to tidy up after themselves in the weight room.

It’s not for cheapskates who don’t value their fitness. Some people might even consider the workshop expensive. If so it’s not for them.

It’s not for smokers. It’s not for binge drinkers. And it’s certainly not for personal trainers or fitness instructors.

I’m saying this because the members of my fitness centre are awesome people. We all get on great with each other. Anyone like I’ve described above will just piss me and the members off at the workshop. 

I’m also saying this so you can decide that it’s the right thing for you.

If you want to learn more about your body and how to get the best from it and your training. If you struggle to do certain movements.

If you feel stiff and tight in some muscles or joints. Or if you suffer from pain or weakness in parts of your body. Then this is for you.

And in this workshop you’ll discover:

How to bullet proof your body to prevent injury and eliminate stiffness and painWhy typical core training is all wrong, even Pilates and Yoga How the core impacts your energy levelsHow to make ANY exercise a core exerciseWhat a truly strong core actually is (hint: it’s got very little to do with the 6 pack)Why pulling your belly button in is wrong and can cause all sorts of problemsThe forgotten muscle of the coreWhy no pain no gain always leads to injuryThe number one rule of exercise technique and how it will change how you exercise for everWhy trying to lift heavier weights is wrongFundamental rules of core training for anyone who runsHow your core can help you relax more and reduce stressWhat tightness in the neck means to your coreIs ‘gentle’ exercise beneficial?Why tight hamstrings should rarely be stretchedAnd a whole lot more

Who am I and why should you listen or trust this advice?

While I’ve just recently opened up SF Fitness Personal Fitness Centre I’ve been working in the fitness industry for nearly 15 years. I’ve seen a lot of fads, trends and changes in that time. But as physical therapist I’ve always looked at how to improve the benefits of any exercise.

Rather than jump on the latest fad because it looks hardcore or cool I ask how could this benefit my members. Or how could this harm my members.

Not everybody should do certain exercises or forms or exercise. Not everybody is capable of it. Whether you’re like me and have been in accidents, had surgery or simply want to get the best from your exercise plan you need to have optimal control of your core muscles. 

The great thing about this is it’s very simple to implement and you can notice the benefits practically straight away.

And I’m not exaggerating about noticing the benefits straight away

I’ve had people say they’ve been exercising for years and never felt their core like that. Back pain has literally disappeared in minutesFlexibility increases in secondsLong term postural issues improved in daysMassive increases in energyInstant strength increasesBody felt a million times better the very next day

To book your place you have two options.

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2. Fill in the form below. Add a friend’s name you want to bring. And get that second ticket absolutely free. Split the cost between you if you want.

And one more thing. I’m a man of integrity. I don’t bullshit. But I also understand feeling sceptical of something like this is perfectly normal.

So, to put your mind at ease, I’m offering a 200% Money Back Guarantee.

Yep, you read that right. The reason being?

I don’t want you feeling like you’ve wasted your time or your money. I’m entirely confident you’re going to love it.

But I’ve also attended many things where I felt like I’ve been ripped or it wasn’t what it was supposed to be. So I can understand you feeling a bit sceptical, it’s normal.

So, sign up and attend the workshop. If you don’t think you’ve gotten any benefit from it. If you think I’ve been full of crap. Or you just didn’t like me.

Then I’ll refund your €47 and give you another €47 for wasting your time. Can’t say fairer than that right?

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