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21 Day Body Fix For Over 40s

Get a specialised plan to show you how to loosen your joints,
bulletproof your body from aches and pains and feel
more energised than you have in years.

Reading this you might already be aware of what aging is doing to your body.

Many of the SF Fitness over 40 members join feeling tired, exhausted, weak, unfit, achy and stiff. And have noticed their weight starting to creep on over the last few years.

All these effects are normal but can be slowed right down and even reversed. But before I get to that

Let’s look at why they happen…

  • Muscle wastage - As early as our thirties we can lose up to 1% of our muscle per year. Meaning a lower metabolism, a body that is getting weaker and stiffer and a higher risk of damaging areas like your back and knees
  • Hormone decline - Estrogen and testosterone are the 2 main ones. And these are the hormones that help us feel in balance, energetic, young and virile.
  • Wear and tear - 40+ years will obviously take it's toll. Especially on your joints like your knees, hips, lower back and shoulders. Mild wear and tear will cause stiffness and aches. But left alone it can develop into more severe arthritis and joint degeneration, leading to restricted and painful movement.
  • Weakening of your stomach muscles - Due to the muscle wastage and wear and tear the stomach muscles (your core) will become weaker and weaker. Their main job is to provide support and strength for your whole body. Lack of strength here can cause pain and make simple tasks like reaching, turning, lifting and carrying feel increasingly difficult

The good news is there are ways to prevent this or at least slow it right down. There are ways to feel better, move better and get a handle on things before it feels like it’s too late.

Everybody knows we should exercise and eat better. But that advice is too broad and not good enough for you.

Before I, John O’Connell, set up SF Fitness I worked in many gyms in Ireland and abroad. The major problem I saw was this…

People over 40 are expected to do the same type
of exercise as those in their 20s
And there’s a HUGE problem with this

When you’re young you feel bulletproof. Your hormone levels are great, your body works fine, there’s no wear and tear, joints feel loose, your metabolism is a lot faster and so what works for people in their 20s and even 30s simply cannot work for you.

And what might have worked in the past won’t cut it for you anymore.

So what will work for you?

Exercise in a way that supports what happens as you age.

This means doing:

The right mobility exercises to loosen out those stiff joints

Specific core exercise to maintain the strength and support your core should provide you

But most importantly, the right kind of exercises to keep you strong, prevent muscle loss and keep your bones and joints healthy.

Most gyms don’t cater for this. You’ve got the big commercial ones that will just put you on the same machines as everyone else. And these can actually weaken your core and hurt your joints.

Then there’s the hardcore intense places like bootcamps & circuit classes that expect everyone to do the same exercises as everyone else. Irrespective of what your body is or isn’t capable of.

I’ve seen my Dad crippled with Arthritis (2 new hips and a shoulder. He even had to have his feet broken & reshaped)

I’ve also suffered myself. While I’m still 5 years from 40, a serious motorbike accident in my early twenties meant my spine and neck started to degenerate faster than it should have.

So I’ve spent a lot of hours researching and applying ways to help keep the body moving, looking and performing as well as can be for people like you.

And this is why I created this 21 Day Body Fix For Over 40s

Personal Trainer Rathfarnham

“Since joining I’ve dropped two dress sizes, and I’ve learned not to rely on the scales, but to look at inches, toning and fitness.

I’m much more confident. Shopping for clothes is no longer a nightmare. 

And best of all? I can lift up my granddaughter, and swing her around, without worrying that I’m going to do myself an injury!”

Deirdre O’D, Crumlin

While you know you can’t transform your body shape in 21 days, you can discover how to feel and move better in that time. And when you feel and move better keeping your waistline under control becomes a lot easier.

These 21 days are designed to show you what exercises are best for your body and by the end you’ll already be feeling and moving better.

The 21 days are also designed to be very doable.

That means there’s no strict diets or hardcore workouts.

You won’t have to dedicate your entire life to it.

It will be personal to you.

And while it’s not cheap, at €99 you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on something you’ve never experienced before.

So over the 21 days you’ll get:

  • A complimentary, 1-1, non invasive muscle and joint assessment to determine what exercises will suit your body so you can move better and avoid potentially time wasting, injury causing movements
  • 3 personal training sessions at SF Fitness Rathfarnham to discover the subtle tricks and ways to maximise the benefits of each exercise
  • A home/out of gym simple exercise plan tailored to you which you can do anywhere
  • Nutrition coaching to ensure what you eat is providing you with what you need to get the results you want
  • Weekly assessment and reviews so you can see consistent progress
  • Muscle and bone analysis to determine the effectiveness of your plan
  • Metabolism check and metabolic age profile so you can track your improvements over the weeks
personal trainer rathfarnham

“I noticed my shape change very quickly. People started to notice and tell me I was looking well. I  now feel fitter and stronger which makes me feel so much better in myself and the clothes I wear.

I never feel intimidated or judged here

You can have a chat and have a laugh with the other members while still getting the personal guidance I need.”

Mary McL, Rathfarnham

You get all of the above and more for €99

Plus after your 21 days, if you aren't satisfied in anyway, let us know and we'll refund your €99


The reason for this is simple. SF Fitness pride ourselves on our customer experience. So if you're not happy neither are we. And we are so confident in how much you'll get from your 21 days that you'll be over the moon and wouldn't dream of asking for your money back.

To find out more and how to apply for the next 21 Day Body Fix leave your details here: