Drop A Jeans Size 28 Day Personal Fitness Plan

Your 28 day tummy tightening, leg sculpting, bum lifting, bingo wing destroying personal fitness plan

Confused about how to exercise and what food to eat?

Cardio, weights, TRX, kettlebells, zumba, yoga, pilates, running, walking…not to mention…

Atkins, low carb, high fat, protein shakes & bars, juice detoxes, weight watchers, clean eating, paleo…

No wonder you’re unsure of what to do.

Choosing the right exercise and fitness service can make you feel nervous, apprehensive, scared even. How are you to know if it will work? And more importantly if you will get what you signed up for?

So at SF Fitness you get a 2 week Personal Training trial for just €99 before you decide anything

During your 2 week trial you’ll get:

  1. 4 personal training sessions (minimum) over 2 weeks, more if you want them
  2. A customised fitness program to help you get fitter, stronger and tone up
  3. A Simple to follow custom food plan based on your current lifestyle
  4. Progress tracking and body measurements to make sure you stay on track
  5. An exclusive online members area
  6. Plus a lot more

Essentially you’ll get a step by step plan and be guided by your very own coach to get the exact results you want

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